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How To Buy The Right Flooring For Your Staten Island Condo 

Are you making the move into condo living and are ready to make your nest? Or, are you already living in a condo and need to make some floor covering changes? In any case, the same considerations apply for either scenario.

The Concrete Subfloor Challenge

Staten Island Condo residences are usually constructed using commercial building methods. To prevent fires from spreading from unit to unit, builders use concrete and gypcrete for subflooring. So, if you rip up a little of that carpet and take a peek chances are you’ll see something that looks like concrete.

Now, Look At Your Priorities For The Floor You Select

Does your new floor covering need to be warm?

If so, you would probably want to stay away from most ceramic tile flooring, slate flooring and glue-down linoleum flooring.

Does your new flooring need to be eco-friendly and non-outgassing?

If so, you would likely want to avoid purchasing most laminate flooring (especially from big name floor liquidators or Staten Island big box stores), some cheap cork flooring, VCT, vinyl tile (luxury or non luxury), or some cheap liquidator brand bamboo floor.

Does your floor covering need to be quiet?

If so, you should steer clear of slate flooring, travertine flooring and some engineered hardwood flooring.

Does your flooring  need to be easy to install?

If so, you will probably not want to attempt ceramic tile installation. In that same category is slate tile and granite tile. All of these require use of a wet saw and some skill at layout. Also the gypcrete subfloor may not be level, so that will present another host of challenges. Linoleum floor installation can also be problematic, as you need to have a perfectly pristine subfloor. Any minor piece of gypcrete or debris will poke through the floor. You should also avoid taking on a glue-down engineered wood floor or bamboo floor application. While it is relatively easy to put tongue and groove together and nail it down—the subfloor must be relatively level and stable (gypcrete tends to crumble), and since it is glued down—it is very tricky to go back and fix mistakes during installation.

Does your floor covering need to fit a sophisticated, modern, or higher-end look?

It doesn’t take an interior designer to point out that vinyl flooring or cheap carpet squares do not present well aesthetically. It is common for builders churning out hundreds of condo units to put vinyl tile or carpeting or cheap ceramic tile into the units to keep the costs down. So, what ends up happening, is someone is purchasing a condo for several hundred thousand dollars, and they have the interior finishes you would find in a manufactured home.

Now That We Have Gone Through What NOT To Choose For Your Staten Island Condo, Let’s Run Through Some More Appropriate And Ecofriendly Floor Alternatives.

Cork Flooring

Cork is the ideal flooring for a condo dwelling. Cork is quiet, comfortable, easy to install, non-toxic and beautiful.


If that were not enough, it is also very affordable flooring.  Eco-Friendly Flooring supplied a thick, squishy bulletin board-type underlayment. So, if you need to present your remodel ideas and materials to the board of directors, your case will easily be made pro-cork once they see the list of attributes associated with cork. Eco-Friendly Flooring can supply you with a checklist and data sheet for the cork floor covering so that you can present the sample and this information to your board. Condominium owners love the extra layer of cork underlayment which is supplied at no extra charge with the cork order.


Cork is a click-lock flooring, so for those Staten Island condo owners who choose to do the cork floor installation themselves, it’s really quite easy. There is no glue involved in the installation, so it is easy to make ajustments if necessary. Cork flooring installation is simple, you roll out the moisture barrier, you lay down the cork underlayment over top of that, next you start clicking planks together in rows over that. Even as simple as cork floor installation is, some condominium owners may opt to hire a floor installation professional. Any hardwood floor installation contractor can take on a cork floor installation. The tools required and the skill level necessary are the same.

Bamboo Flooring

For those Staten Island condominium owners who desire to have more of a wood look in their home, they may take a good look at Eco-Friendly Flooring’s Natural Fibre Strand Woven Click Lock flooring. Our bamboo floor is designed for people who have chemical sensitivities, so condominium owners can certainly benefit from a non-outgassing floor.


Not all bamboo floor covering is equal. Our bamboo is far less toxic than most laminate flooring, cheap cork flooring, and certainly vinyl tile.


Eco-Friendly Flooring’s natural fibre strand woven click lock floor is easy to install. Similar to cork flooring, the click lock bamboo flooring has a tongue and groove which click together and bond without the use of mastic. Our Natural Fibre Strand woven click lock bamboo also has wax on the tongue and groove to create a wax-on-wax bond when the bamboo floor covering installation happens. Eco-Friendly Flooring also supplies at no charge, cork underlayment on a roll with the product. So, Staten Island condo owners can also make a good case for sound insulation if they need to present their flooring products to the board of directors.

The flooring answer is simple

If you want to rid your home of toxic flooring, you should select a product which does not gas out toxic chemicals. So, you stay away from most carpet, vinyl tile, laminate flooring, and other cheap liquidator level flooring.


You look to green floor products like Eco-Friendly Flooring’s cork floating floor planks or Natural Fibre Strand Woven click lock planks. These products are condominium-ready, condominium-ready solutions available at extremely affordable prices ($5/sf or less). For more information about Eco-Friendly Flooring’s condo-friendly flooring options or to get samples, please feel welcome to contact us toll free at 866-250-3273. We are always excited to help.

Select Cork Flooring or Bamboo Floor Covering for Eco-Friendly Condo Floors near Staten Island, NY