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How To Decide What Kind of Flooring To Install In Your Charleston House

Are you going to be looking for new flooring in the upcoming months?

Think about which area of your Charleston residence it will be laid down in. Will it be basement flooring, kitchen flooring, backsplash tile, stair treads, bedroom flooring or workout room flooring? Will it be installed in a baby’s room or another location where ADA compliant flooring or special care may be required?

What Kind Of Subfloor Is In Place?

Is it a gypcrete or cement subfloor? Is the subfloor made from particle board, OSB, or Plywood? Will you be laying it over existing linoleum flooring, engineered hardwood flooring or laminate flooring?

Identify What Are Your Major Goals For The Floor Covering

New, Mache Latte is an elephant Gray colored, matte finished cork. If your place is in Charleston ask these questions…


Does the flooring need to be green floor covering? Does it need to be a warm floor, a non-toxic, non-outgassing floor? Does it need to be builder direct or discount cork floor? Does it need to be a quiet floor like rubber tile, cork flooring including cork underlayment, or engineered wood floor covering with cork underlayment? Does it need to be suitable for damp areas like roofing slate or slate tile? Does it need to be floor covering that resembles wood such as reclaimed wood flooring, bamboo flooring, laminate flooring, hardwood flooring, or ceramic tile that resembles wood?

Let’s Take A Flooring Example

Let’s consider flooring for a Charleston downstairs rec room with a concrete slab. If your priorities are having a warm, comfortable, durable, and quiet floor suitable for children and occasional visitors. Then, our top selection is Eco-friendly Flooring’s cork floating floor planks. This non-toxic cork floor covering offers easy cork installation with its click lock flooring tongue and groove system. No glue or nails are needed to install the planks.  These warm floors become even more insulating once you add Eco-Friendly Flooring’s cork underlayment to the mix.

Why Choose a Cork Floor for your Charleston Home?

Cork flooring is warmer than laminate flooring, hardwood floor covering and bamboo flooring, as well as ceramic tiles and slate flooring.


One extra key feature of cork flooring that many Charleston  homewners may miss—cork is anti-static. This means that dust and animal fur will not stick to the floor. Cork floor maintenance is easy with simple sweeping and vacuuming. The home’s indoor air quality will improve significantly once cork flooring has been laid down in.


Cork is quiet and warm… Cork flooring is also very forgiving. This means that pet traffic and children traffic on the cork can be hidden with cork’s texture. Small indentations will pop up over time. This is very different from laminate flooring, hardwood flooring or discount cork flooring, where the depressions would likely be more permanent.


Ultimately, there are a lot of different perspectives from which Charleston  couples will enter making a flooring decision. Hopefully with some careful thought about where it is put in, the condition of the subfloor, and top priorities for the floor covering, you will be able to narrow it down to the best fit for your place.  


We invite you to contact us to help you make this decision. Contact us or call us toll-free at 866-250-3273.

Consider Cork Flooring When Buying Eco-Friendly Green Floor Covering For Your Home near Charleston, NY